Friday, 13 December 2013

3000 Trees...

The community woodland at Reach has taken shape after a week of planting by members of the village. 

The woodland is part of the Reach 24 project which started 2 years ago. I actually described the project in my first blog of the year, Reach 24,  so it is nice that the project will also be my last blog of 2013.

The woodland had been carefully planned with sections of Beech Woodland consisting primarily of Beach and Sweet Chestnut, Oak woodland with Oak and Maple and Alder woodland with Alder and Willow. There are also a wide range other native species planted in between, including Holly, Hornbeam, Birch and Yew, all of which make me think of the variety of wands we can make in the future!

Last week a team of volunteers paved the way by auguring the holes for planting. Saturday and Sunday saw over 70 people from Reach village start the planting marathon; it was finished on Thursday and Friday with the added help of pupils from Swaffham Prior Primary School. Years 5 and 6 walked to Reach to plant their own patch of Beech woodland, adding a small but significant contribution of 100 trees to the total.  

One of the pupils asked me when we were planting how long the trees would be there, I told him they would look like trees in 5-10 years and like a woodland in 10-20 years. The reply was 'Thats good so I can show my children!' Hopefully the woodland will provide enjoyment for all that planted for many years to come - I am looking forward to seeing fully grown, unfortunately I am not very patient!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

New opportunity to become part of the Anglesey Abbey community

We’re very excited about the latest community project at Anglesey Abbey – our new community wall display:

It’s the first thing that people see as they enter the gardens from the visitor centre. We are hoping it will become an interactive space where visitors and the Anglesey Abbey team can share photos and news. We’ll keep it updated with the photos we receive, current and forthcoming activities and Community Team news.

It will eventually look like this, as planned by Rachel Bingham during her work placement with us.

We have just one ‘taster’ panel up at the moment, and are keen to have comments and views before going ahead with the next stage of the project.

Please contact us at with your ideas. And send us any photos, artwork or musings you’d like to see in the community display. Thanks!

Community Reporter